Speculative design:


OMNI is a piece of speculative design. It was inspired by the pop culture of the past, present, and future and hopes to effectively take the best parts of all three. In a world currently overwhelmed by choice and fragmentation, OMNI hopes to be able to operate as a platform for passive and active engagement by incorporating elements of algorithmic technology and the charm and spectacle of cable TV. Depending on the user, it is both the destination and the journey. 

The project also involved comprehensive competitive analysis, market analysis, development of business models, and financial projections for the product.



This collaboration was developed as a two-part slide deck: an industry analysis and corporate study of Spotify & strategic recommendations for the company. Through research and analysis, we looked at the attributes of the company’s corporate structure, challenges and opportunities, and industry conditions. This culminated in a strategic recommendation, which included an aggressive approach to innovation and dedicating resources towards meaningful support for its musicians and artists.

Other elements of the project included drafting sweeping KPIs, desired outcomes, mapping industry and company stakeholders, and benchmarking.

Co-authors: Sarah Conant, Remy Vernoy, Mira Lin